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This cemetery survey was also done by Terri Richards and she graciously donated the information to the US Gen Web Project, Hidalgo County. Thank you Terri ! The Cloverdale Cemetery is located 42 miles south of Animas, NM traveling on State road 338. It's located about 1.5 miles south of the old Cloverdale store. The land was deeded to the Cloverdale community by Mr. Brahmlett and is on what is now known as the Gray Ranch. Our tour and the histories listed here were provided by Mrs. Cordy Cowan. Mrs. Cowan said that she believes there are several more people of the Awtrey family buried here, but the graves are unmarked. There are a total of 10 unmarked graves.

Name Dates Inscriptions and/or Comments
Austin, Sylvia Marie Sanford No dates Wife of William
Austin, William Hyram No dates They had no children
Awtrey, Annie 1903 - 1962 Married to Fletcher
Awtrey, Fletcher 1902 - 1965 Homesteaded in the area
Awtrey, William B d. 4/27/1920 "In God We Trust"
Bass D E "Jack" 1878 - 1945 "In Loving Memory of Our Dad" "Thy trials ended, thy rest is done."
Bass, Susan Iona 1857 - 1950 "In Loving Memory"  "Mother"
Bass Vivian 1901 - 1931 No inscription
Bass, W E 1854 - 1925 "Life's work all done, he rests in peace."
Boles, Alice Harrall 5/6/1863 - 3/26/1932 "In Loving Memory" Mother of Tom I Boles and Ethel B Smith.
Married to Tom P Boles 1887 "Mammie"
Clark, Charity A 2/27/1849 - 1/15/1931 "She is at rest" (John's wife)
Clark, John T 11/28/1840 - 12/31/1922 "Co H 2 Tex Cav CSA  Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see God"
Estes, James A 1899 - 1917 No inscription
Henderson, Eva May Pendleton 1890 - 1986 Nee Bass, first married to Tom Pendleton then Lee Henderson
Hervey, Hazel Pendleton 4/1/1914 - 7/7/1988 Turquoise memorial-inscribed with "I can! I will! I did!" from her parents.
Black marble plaque placed by children with the verse Matthew 28:20
Lasher, Otis Dell Unmarked grave  
Lee Henderson 1905 - 1945 No inscription
Lloyd, Levi Fletcher 1888 - 1913 "At rest"
Lloyd, Sylvia Marguerite 1911 - 1963 "Babe"
Mc Sherry, Baby No dates Unmarked
Mendoza, Eduardo No dates Ms Cowan said he died 15 or 20 years ago
Pendleton, Tom 1880 - 1937 "In Loving Memory"  "Great love lives on"
Pendleton, Tom M 6/17/1939 - 3/9/1991 Son of George and Lorena Pendleton
Robertson, Asa Austin 1920 - 1967 No inscription
Robertson, Marguerite Lucille 1890 - 1968 Was widowed by Levi Lloyd then married Wm Benjamin Robertson
Robertson, William Benjamin 1871 - 1946 No inscription
Robertson, William Benjamin Jr No dates No inscription
Sanford, Cordelia Augusta 1851 - 1932 Nee Caldwell
Sanford, Henry Franciso No dates "Co C Hatches' Minn Cav"
Slover, Virginia S 2/5/1909 - 12/5/1988 "Beloved Mother and Grandmother"
Wolf, James D 1868 - 1930 No inscription

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