Hidalgo County New Mexico
Miscellaneous graves

Miscellaneous graves,
here, there and yon
Ones I have heard of in Hidalgo County

In Animas, stands a lone marker for W H Arnold. It shows he was born December 23, 1892 and died December 4, 1915. Photo on request.
On State Line Rd, on the New Mexico side west of Rodeo, there is supposed to be a lone grave, rumored to be a Rudicil.
On Goat Farm Rd due west of Cotton City, there's supposed to be a lone grave, on the north side by some hackberry trees. Heard that it is a McCants buried here, but have not located it yet.
At Steins there is a small cemetery. Most of the markers are unreadable, due to age. I am working on putting a list together as best I can.

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