Hidalgo County New Mexico
Cotton City LDS

William E "Eddie Bowers, Sr 2/17/1920 9/01/1989  
Thomas Roy Crum     Beloved Husband of Elaine R Crum
David Leroy Jarvis 3/29/1915 3/16/1990  
Donald Clarence Keime 4/01/1985   Infant. Now I lay me down to sleep
Jolene Merrell 11/03/1963 4/25/1974  
Jason Duane Mills 10/13/1981 10/16/1981 son of Dalt & Regina Mills
Cynthia Ann Mortensen 5/12/1976 5/12/1976 Our infant Daughter
Kristina Mortensen 4/20/1982 4/20/1982 Our Darling Baby
Dane Richins Palmer 3/25/1991   In memory of our baby
Douglas D. Payne 3/1/1961 1/9/1971  
Katherine Payne 6/2/1959 8/2/1962  
Edna Brernice Shaw Peterson 6/06/1915 9/06/1998  
V A Peterson 1903 1972  
Calvin Legrand Richardson 2/07/1987 no date Son of Ilene and Charles
E Charles Richardson 12/03/1945 no date  
Erwin C Richardson 10/27/1925 2/12/1962  
James Bert Richardson 1956 1956 Beloved Son of Erwin C Richardson
Ilene Gardner Richardson 7/20/1950 1/21/1993  
Katybeth Richardson 1955 no date  
Mary Lou Richardson 1928 1956 Beloved Wife of Erwin C Richardson
Duane Dean Richins 11/29/1961 11/30/1961  
Dane Richins Palmer 3/25/1991   In memory of our baby
Ruth S. Richins 1925 1993  
Darrow E. Richins 1924 Living  
Harry L Taylor 6/28/1924 7/22/1993 T Sgt US Army WW II
Corbitt L Wright 1903 1977  
Ena Mae "Nini" Wright 10/15/1955 9/09/1974 As a white rose stands out amoung the rest, so does Ena mae stand out in our hearts.
Sidney Orson Wright 3/27/1918 12/15/1988 S1 US Navy WW II

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